Visual Art - Modern Batik + Resist based techniques
Mixed Media Arts
Surface Design
Visual Installations + Commissions
Creative Direction - Photography +
Art Direction - Design

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a new logo

a new logo


Being a graphic designer and an artist – its rare when I get to work on my own marketing. The past couple of days have been exciting as I have been working on updating this site. I finally decided to create a proper logo for ByGabrielle. Prior to that, I had just used an existing font to write out the name. I have decided to use my own writing to create the logo as that is much more personal. It also ties ByGabrielle to my graphic design site Gxcentrik Design. The way the Gs are done are exactly the same and to me – there wouldn’t be Gxcentrik without byGabrielle. The driving force to becoming a graphic designer has always been my love for art and design. I am excited for new things to come – all under the umbrella of me.. g.