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Goddess Flex The art of

Goddess Flex The art of

Hard to explain how I felt about yesterday’s opening.
This collection presentation was the perfect artistic way to close out my 40’s – the past 10yrs have been a journey into – expansion – personal power all through my Goddesses. How amazing.🌱🌺

To be able to present it all together and see people’s response to the works was truly magical because it was clear that even though we are all different, we are all connected through experiences. To have someone tell you that your words and visuals brought them to tears is very humbling and special. Thank you for everyone that came through , absorbed and reflected. Yesterday brought forth new ideas on how to continue this work. 🌺

Much thanks to everyone who assisted at the opening>
@staceymacnevin / @esperantogallery
@melisacole m
@staceymacnevin @christichka_photography and so many more.

I am feeling so blessed.
bises. g. 🌺