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Gabrielle Lasporte is multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. Originally from France, her experience extends over two decades in the art and design industry, including ten years as a Modern Batik artist. Gabrielle actively engages with other batik artists worldwide and is part of the Batik Guild, based in the UK, and has been featured in their quarterly publication several times discussing her interpretations. Her passion for the art of batik has taken her to its birthplace: Indonesia, where she’s participated in workshops and immersed herself in learning about the fibre based historical art. Through this art form, Gabrielle explores the human experience with both abstract and representational expression by delving into the beauty in the forces of nature that mirrors our lives.  Her curiosity and innovative talents have further led her to incorporate new dyeing techniques and the use of copper stamps to deepen her work.

Gabrielle has shown extensively in the Greater Toronto Area. Most notably, The Artist Project, Toronto Outdoor Exhibition as well as participating in a group show in Los Angeles, California. In 2013, Gabrielle was invited to participate in Toronto’s Nuit Blanche as a sponsored artist showing her textile-based installation at the H+M window in the heart of downtown Toronto. This past October, she was invited to present an interactive art installation for the Pre-Nuit Blanche Opening Party. Using her art and design – Gabrielle’s depth of knowledge positions her as a creative force and unique voice within an ever-evolving industry.


Using traditional batik materials of water-based dyes, wax and fabric, colours are applied in layers starting from light to dark. More control is gained over the intensity of the dyes by applying them by paintbrush as opposed to submerging the fabrics within the dyes themselves. This revolutionary approach allowed to create detailed, refined images with dramatically enhanced tonality, shading and depth.

Each section of the Modern Batik piece is toned separately using a technique called fragmentation. This modification adds increased background depth, broadness and a richer palette of colours to the artwork, allowing control of detail and richness comparable to that of any acrylic and watercolour painter.

It is then sealed with wax using a brush or a tjanting (tool to dispense the wax) to prevent other colours from changing it (known as wax resist). Once the piece is completed, the wax is removed to reveal a bold palette of colours. These innovative elements are used to develop the art form that is called Modern Batik Art.

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